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The Most Unusual Airlines That Actually Exist
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The Most Unusual Airlines That Actually Exist, Flying can make people uneasy. Some airlines try to alleviate some of that stress with crazy gimmicks and stunts then there is some airlines that are just plain strange, here are just a few.


German Nudist Flights

A German travel agency in 2008 offered flights from the German city of Erfurt to a popular resort in the Baltic Sea. The strange thing? The flight allow passengers to be completely nude while they needed to be clothed to board and disembark from the plane, once they were in the air it became a full on nudist retreat.

Kulula Airlines

For over 10 years this airline based in South Africa has flown both domestically and to destinations across southern Africa like Mauritius Zambia Namibia and Zimbabwe. With their fleet of neon green airplanes they’re known as a fun and cheap way to get around southern Africa their claim to fame their strange sense of humor include indication arrows for the pilot stating “this way up” and their “flying 101” details such as “our doors are always open unless we are at 41000 feet.” the humor continues inside the aircraft, for the flight attendants are known for their Zingy one-liners during safety instructions and announcements.

All Nippon Airways ANA

As part of a summer program in 2014 this Japanese airway offered Pokémon theme travel options including a flight in their Pokémon jet featuring Pikachu and several other beloved characters. Booking select packages allow passengers to board a Pokémon-themed jet, be entertained by a special in-flight animated video and arrive to hotel rooms full of paraphernalia from the show and games. These special flights flew between Tokyo’s Haneda airport and sapporo’s new Chitose airport and Okinawa’s Naha airport and Nagoya Chubu Centrair International Airport only.

Viet Jet Air


A privately owned airline in Vietnam raise some eyebrows when introduced bikini-clad flight attendants. Female employees of the airline wear Colorful bikinis and put on a show for passengers during flights to beach location. Not all flights have the bikini performances however only certain routes as an added bonus while other airlines in Thailand Mexico and even the UK have had calendars available featuring bikini-clad attendance to promote their own businesses, no other airline has been quite this bold. The practice, which aviation authorities were not amused by, remains unique to Viet Jet.

Hooters Air

From 2003 to 2006, this now defunct airline was based off the ‘Hooters’ restaurant chains. Aimed at sports enthusiast and tournament Golfers traveling to myrtle beach, the Bahamas and other U. S. destinations, the airline kept to the chain’s traditional colors for the interior and exterior of their aircrafts, right down to the ‘Hooters’ owl on the tail. Each flight featured a few ‘Hooters’ girls, along with flight attendants. to keep passengers entertained with trivia, selling ‘Hooters’ merchandise and assisting with service.

Air New Zealand

Flying from Los Angeles to New Zealand it’s a long flight, so this airline decided to try something new for their passengers comfort. Cuddled Class, passengers are offered the chance to purchase seats that can either be a chair, a couch or a bed. Referred to a ‘skycouches’ on their website. They are marketing toward couples and families with small children. The ‘skycouches’ are basically 3, wide economy class seats that are flexible enough to create space to stretch out and relax or create a play area for your kids. They even extended the option to select flights from Auckland to Los Angeles and some flights that continue on to London.


This Taiwanese airline flying to destinations in China, Japan, South Korea and Guam has a very special fleet of planes and they’re all ‘Hello Kitty themed. From the ticket kiosks, to the flight attendants to the aircraft itself, everything is ‘Hello Kitty’. While not the cheapest way to fly, it’s one of the most fun. Once on board, passengers can enjoy all kinds of Kitty goodies. They have pillows, playing cards, sugar packets, cups and even ‘Hello Kitty’ toilet paper in the lavatory. Even the food is themed toward the white cat, served by flight attendants in ‘Hello Kitty’ Aprons.

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